Why You Should Install TDX 20 Refrigerant For Consistent Cooling From Your AC Unit

Do you currently use a central air and heating unit? These HVAC devices are very useful. They allow you to control the temperature throughout your home, or even throughout an entire building, and they need to run as smoothly as possible. The results of findings by scientists about the detrimental effects of Freon prompted the creation of new refrigerants that could replace it. In a very short period of time, people that have existing AC units will have to replace the Freon that might be in their units, preferably with something that is much more efficient. Although most people believe that the coolant is merely used in the process of producing cold air, they also play a vital role toward the efficiency levels of the AC unit itself. A company called Bluon has manufactured a refrigerant called TDX 20 that will not only help you produce cold air, but it will enable your AC unit to be very consistent in its functioning. Here are the top reasons to consider using TDX 20 four your AC unit.


What You Ought To Know About TDX 20

TDX 20 is one of the best refrigerants ever manufactured. It is a combination of several different chemicals that work together to produce cold air within air conditioning units. Part of the reason for its popularity is the ability of the substance, at significantly lower pressures, to extract heat from the air efficiently. For those that are going to replace the Freon that is in their existing units, this ought to be one of your top choices. Not only will it work more efficiently, it is because of this efficiency that your electric bill will also diminish. It also helps in the functionality of the AC unit that you have installed for the following reasons.


How TDX 20 Can Improve The Functionality Of Your AC Unit

There are a couple reasons why this is very beneficial for your air conditioning unit. First of all, it reduces vibration. In all air conditioners, there is going to be some vibration that is produced as it is producing cold air. Air conditioning units consist of several different components. Five of the most common include the compressor, condenser, evaporator, fan, and the chemical refrigerant that it uses. The compressor is going to apply pressure to the refrigerant, and in this compressed state, it is capable of extracting heat from the air. The condenser coil, as well as the evaporator coil, represent the second half of the process. The heat is directed outward from the unit, outside of your home or office, and re-circulates back to continue the process. As mentioned earlier, the vibration levels of your AC unit are going to be minimized, and this will boost overall stability. Since it is going to function much better when you have a coolant like TDX 20, this will enable you to save money on your electricity bill, and will also allow you to get more cold air from this process.


How Do You Install TDX 20 In Your AC Unit?

Installing this new refrigerant is relatively simple, but you do need to have the right tools. It’s also necessary to have some expertise in doing this, and that’s why working with an HVAC professional is recommended. As you compare the different businesses that are in your city, focus on those that are experts with refrigeration units. They will have professionals that will have a track record for doing what could be hundreds of replacements, and this is the company you will want to hire. Depending upon the size of your AC unit, and how much coolant it uses, it may take an hour or two to complete. If you do have Freon in your existing AC unit, this needs to be replaced anyway, and you will end up with a lower electric bill and a coolant that will extend the life of your central air system.


Why You Should Choose TDX 20 Over All Other Coolants

When you visit the bluonenergy.com website, you will quickly see why this is such a popular product. They go into great detail about this refrigerant, and all of the chemicals that it consists of, telling you what each one can accomplish. It is this blend of chemicals which makes it so much more efficient than all of the other companies that manufacture coolants today. For example, it is so good at absorbing heat, your energy efficiency rating on your AC unit is going to improve almost instantly. For some, this is the main reason that they are replacing their existing coolant for this one. If you can save as much is 25% on your electric bill, and suddenly have a much more efficient system, this is well worth the money you will pay. It also does not require you to do any type of oil change. If you do have Freon, this is one of the few refrigerants that literally mimics every aspect of this chlorofluorocarbon. However, it is the low pressure that this coolant operates at, and its higher level of efficiency despite the low pressure, that has many people asking for this particular refrigerant over the others that are sold.


TDX 20 is a phenomenal product. It should be the one that you choose to replace your existing coolant, even if you do not have Freon. It is important to replace R-22 if that is what you have in your AC unit as this is mandated by the law. The other reason that this will be beneficial is that you can save money on your utility bills. From a more global standpoint, you are helping to reduce the probability that your coolant will contribute to the destruction of the ozone layer, or the increase in the greenhouse effect. It is a decision that will be helpful for you, as well as everyone in the world. You can find out more today about TDX 20 and having it installed in your AC unit so you can experience these benefits.

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